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MNF - Vikings Battle Giants

October 21, 2013  •  Leave a Comment
DISCLAIMER - This post has nothing to do with college hockey, but the National Football League instead.  If you've misplaced your sense of humor, either go back a page or click HERE.  Enjoy the post!

Can you believe it's finally here?

The Monday night that football fans from all over the globe have been waiting for is finally upon us.

Tonight, your Minnesota Vikings will clash with New York Giants in what is going to be one of the best football games known to man-kind.

Both of these NFC powerhouse teams have proven game after game that nothing is going to stop them this year.  It all comes down to tonight.  Someone has to give, someone has to win, and someone has to lose.

My lovely girlfriend and I have made predictions about the game after a brief pre-game summary below.  Enjoy.

The Minnesota Vikings

Led by arguably the most talented QB(s) (QB-core, the group as a whole) in the country, Christian PonCassFreeman, the Giants defense will have a hard time predicting this (these) guys moves.  PonCassFreeman possess one of the best arms in North America, throwing at high velocities with pin-point accuracy.  But what happens when no one is open?  I know that's what you're thinking, so let me tell you.  Imagine Reggie Bush when he was sporting a USC jersey, but with the elite offensive mind of someone like former Vikings coach, Denny Green.  Yeah, you can say that PonCassFreeman is a freaking deadly weapon to defensive units.

The run game speaks for itself.  There's no need to pull out the stat sheets for this one, baby, just trust this post.  If future H-Famer Adrian Peterson gets the ball, consider it 8-points for the Purple People Eaters.  Why 8 points?  The refs know it's best to give AP the extra 2 points and keep him off the field, for everyone's safety.

Defensively, the Vikings are as flawless as Jose Canseco's baseball career.  Up front, the linemen display a front that is very similar to running through a 6-foot deep Cement wall, lined with lead and and spiders, scaring anyone away from the line of scrimmage.

The linebackers and secondary are as sensational as the 1962 Minnesota Gophers core that defeated UCLA 21-3.  Opponent wide recievers fly down the field and are instantly impacted by the Purple D's.  If you've ever ran into a spider web while walking down the sidewalk, in very similar to that.

The New York Giants

Debatably the greatest thing to happen to New York since the Jets hired Rick Kotite back in the 90's, the Giants are hands down, the toughest thing east of the Mississippi.  Offensively sound and defensively perfect, this team really would have a perfect rating on any video game, including NHL 99.

- Predictions -

Matt.  If one of these teams were to be in the AFC, this would be the Superbowl preview, so hands-down, no question about it, this will be the greatest football game played not only this year, but this century.

I'd love to say that the Vikings are going to rush out on to the field and take the Giants to pound-town with good ole fashion can of woop-em' deluxe, but let's be real here, not with a Giant defense like that.

There will be blood.  There will be sweat.  There will be tears.  But most importantly, there will be a winner.  I believe that your Minnesota Vikings take the "W" in a 3-0 overtime win.  The Vikings go for the fake play-action pass on 2nd down, but instead PonCassFreeman puts the ball down and Adrian Peterson, wearing Blair Walsh's shoes, kicks a 74-yard field goal that burns a hole in the netting.

Bekah.  Okay, first of all, Matt is an idiot. This game is going to be something that a football fan watches if there aren't any other good shows on, even reality TV. The Vikes are 1-4 and the Giants, 0-6. Does it really matter who wins? I think everyone will just be glad that either team has a chance to win.

What happened to Eli Manning? Did he decide at the beginning of the season to let his brother have the season this year? His passing game isn't too bad, being 8th in the league this year. BUT what about the rushing yards, you ask? 31st in the league. There's the problem.

At least the Giants have a QB. I feel like the Vikings change up their roster on a daily basis. Was Ponder really hurt? We may never know. You would think that they would recognize their lack of QBs before the season started and would've known that their first and second string was weak. The glory of the team is Peterson and Allen. They can't carry the team on their own, though! Weak QB=Weak Team.

For this Indiana gal, I really don't care about this game. The Colts just beat the former undefeated Broncos last night. I'm still on a high. Bleacher Report ranked the Colts NUMBER ONE. Yeah horse! But if I had to make a prediction, I have to go with my former home team with Vikings winning 65-60.

Ending Notes

Take whoever's advise you want, but just make sure you know that men are always right.  ;)  Pregame begins at 7:25 CDT.  DO NOT MISS THIS ONE.


Questions?  Comments?  Ask Below!



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